3D printing within the creative process

Founder of the INCXNNUE brand and expert in 3D technology, Laura Deweilde has developed over the past 4 years technical and creative skills in 3D specific to the fashion world.

In 2021, integrating 3D printing into fashion is both a vehicle for creativity and an additional tool for creation.
Knowing and experimenting with this technology makes it possible to discover and develop its potential in terms of creativity, differentiation and innovation.

With mastery of modeling, 3D printing acquired through practice, experimentation and advanced research in terms of potential, it is present today with fashion professionals, fashion schools by offering conferences, experiential training, workshops and consulting services.

By combining her creative approach, her technical knowledge and her sensitivity to the use of natural materials, she also responds to a need to make 3D technology a discipline integrating eco-responsibility while developing new perspectives.

For any need for advice, training or interventions, you can contact me by email: contact-incxnnue@orange.fr